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I have a piece in the Minneapolis Star Tribune (the newspaper I grew up with) today about a trip a few friends and I took to Pheasant’s Tears Winery in eastern Georgia during the grape harvest in early September. Pheasant’s Tears is one of the few wineries using age-old Georgian methods to produce wine on a commercial scale. We picked grapes with the locals, watched them being deposited into huge clay amphorae buried in the ground where fermentation takes place, and tasted nine native varietals. Read the article!


4 Responses to “Georgian Wine from Vine to Table”

  1. Rachel

    Congrats! I knew you’d find a place for the piece. Hope you kept reprint rights for later 😉

  2. Sally Ackerman

    Jenny~ A friend forwarded your recent article about rtveli and I wanted to comment although we don’t know one another — I have lived on and off in Georgia for the last few years (my husband is from Tbilisi) and really appreciated your blog. Mine about living in GE is listed above if you’re interested. Ironically, I too am from Minnetonka (MHS ’90). Small world! We finally got my in-laws to visit MN and we’re in the process of making some Georgian wine (the family is Kahetian) here in MN. Thank you for the reminder about how wonderful it is to spend some time there! -Sally

  3. Jenny Holm

    Thanks for commenting, Sally! I’m glad you enjoyed the article. The world is so small sometimes! I’ll certainly check out your blog.

  4. Elizabeth Frank

    Great article Jenny. I wish I could transport myself to Georgia , try those wines, meet the people and feel that warm dry breeze on my face! I’m still harvesting the season’s bounty here in Vermont, but it’s rainy and cold at the moment.


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