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Stories and Recipes by Jenny Holm

Inspired by Metrocurean and the laid-back weekend spirit, I’d like to offer my own Five Bites: Budget Brunch Edition. These five affordable local delicacies  make my mouth water just thinking about them. In no particular order:

1. Caramel-pecan French toast at Logan Tavern

2. Chorizo, mushroom, and spinach omelette at Scion

3. Chocolate milk from Clear Spring Creamery at the Dupont Circle Farmers’ Market (I’ve never been one to seek out chocolate milk, but this is heaven in a bottle. Thanks to Claire and Mark Seibert and their cows for this delight!)

4. Bananas Foster pancakes at Creme Cafe 

5. Coffee at The Commissary (Hands down the best in the city.)

I’m still on the hunt for the city’s best croissant and brioche. Any votes?


5 Responses to “Five Bites: Budget Brunch Edition”

  1. Liam

    I get all my milk from Homestead Creamery – which looks similar to Clear Spring but it’s VA based… and their chocolate milk is to die for. It’s been a good 15 years since I drank chocolate milk with any regularity but these days I’m back on the wagon big time.

  2. Rachel

    Have you been to Patisserie Poupon in Georgetown? It’s only a 20 minute walk from you (just go across the P st bridge to Wisconsin and then up to just south of Book Hill Park) and ALL the French baked goods there are TO DIE FOR.

    • Jenny Holm

      No, I haven’t, but that’s just what I’m looking for. Thanks! My parents are coming into town this weekend, so I’ll have to take them there.


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